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Real-life Fairytale at Royal Northwoods

Apart from always wishing for forever, we also wish for a surreal and a fairytale-like wedding.


We all have certain desires and aspirations once that special day comes. As we all yearn for that dream wedding, a painstakingly beautiful planning and preparation should take place; and for that to materialize, everything should be in place – a comfortable accommodation for the bride and groom to-be, a spacious venue for the guests, and an unflustered ambiance for the most heartfelt sacrament.


In Royal Northwoods, you can literally just cry your heart out of how perfect everything will be and is. Just like with Arvin and Glaiza, their dream wedding became a real-life fairytale wedding – a dream no more, it’s undeniably a happy memory that they’d gladly look back to over and over again.


On April 22, we prepared the knicks and knacks of Arvin and Glaiza’s most special day. Here as some images of how spotless it looked.






Truly, a sweet ceremony for the newly weds and their guests alike; and as cliché as it may seem – this is their forever. So in behalf of the whole of Royal Northwoods, we wish nothing but a continued fairytale life for Arvin and Glaiza. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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