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Another Weekend Break

As the Easter holidays ended, the more you feel slacking off and extending your break; that awful feeling of having to move on from the family gatherings and focus on work instead.  But what if you can sneak in a weekend trip alongside your typical schedule – another weekend break. Would you take that chance? 



Fret not if you’re among those who timidly answered no. Since traversing our busy roads can be a hectic drive, we encourage you to come drop by Royal Northwoods instead – just a short drive out of Manila. Get your game face on with a round of golf at our acreage and relax away your aching bodies at El Masfino Hotel and Resort.


We’ve got you covered! We have a good deal that won’t break your wallets. Take a look at the details below.



If this sounds like a good deal to you, then get in touch with us and schedule your visit soon. Otherwise, hit us up still – we’ll find the best deal to suit your family’s needs!

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