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Golf and Volvo: an unconventional mix

An automotive manufacturer – that’s what we know Volvo for. But do we know that they’re also in to our favorite sport?


Annually, Volvo teams up with Royal Northwoods to host a golf tournament; and to date, it’s the 15th for this year. Also because of the relentless efforts of Civic Merchandising Inc., the tournament commenced and concluded with an undying support for the Royal Northwoods and its partners.

On one end, the 15th Annual Civic Volvo Invitational Golf Tournament serves as an exhibition of talent and skills; but on another level, it’s an unconventional way of showing thanks to those who have been patronizing Volvo. With this, they arranged a display of handpicked construction equipment as the tourney took place – indeed, a great way to showcase Volvo’s handiworks!

Held last February 23, 2018 in our home court, these athletes had the spotlight on them.


Low Gross:              Mr. Richard Joson


Class A Champ:       Mr. Sonny Mangaoang

Runner- up:             Mr. Tonton Gutierez


Class B Champ:       Mr. Pitt Ybanez

Runner-up:             Mr. Jack Tan


Class C Champ:       Mr. Tony Corpuz

Runner-up:             Mr. Rubem Javier


Ladies Champ:         Ms. Tomita Arejola

Runner-up:             Ms. Joanna Lim




Of course, our winners won’t go home empty handed! With an awarding ceremony to close the occasion, plaques were handed individually and the spotlight really did its job giving our victors that time to shine. We’re pretty sure they enjoyed the spotlight – and so did Royal Northwoods! Because as these victors receive their awards, we too, receive recognition of being a golf community that hones sportsmanship and camaraderie. Certainly, your success is ours, too; and your sportsman-like characteristics and amicability is definitely more to celebrate about!

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