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A Charitable Tourney: The Pilipino Community Church Golf Tournament

A well-deserved applause for the successful outcome of the Pilipino Community Church Golf Tournament held last February 15, 2018.

This affair wouldn’t have materialized if it weren’t for the efforts of organizers, Mr. Ferdie Correa and Mr. Jim Reyes, and of course, your very own, Royal Northwoods . To add to the praises, we’d also like to recognize their gallant gesture of organizing the said event to raise funds for the construction of a parish church in Pampanga. Our admiration goes out to them for their sincere intent to aid a plausible cause – truly, a charitable act we can’t deny. With this motivation, alongside our ultimate advocacy of camaraderie and sportsmanship, the tourney concluded with warm smiles and nothing but revere for fellow golfers.

 Among the total 41 participants, several were awarded for their outstanding performance; and to reiterate once more, here are our victors:

Over All Champion: Mr. Ferdie Correa

Class A Champion: Mr. Elmer Cupino

Class A Runner up: Mr. Joseph Garcia

Class B Champion: Mr. Francis Moraga

Class B Runner up: Mr. Desty Leyson


Consequently, we also applaud the rest of the participants for joining the event. It is without doubt that the Royal Northwoods’ management salutes the unwavering support of the golf community; furthermore, their certainty of Royal Northwoods being a common ground to exude their love for golf. We can’t thank all of you enough for traversing this journey with us; it is your support, your adherence, and your loyalty, that keeps us motivated in doing what we do. For the love of golf – thank you and see you again in Royal Northwoods!

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